Harlem Meer Center in Central Park

The redevelopment of the former Lasker Rink and Pool in New York’s Central Park into the Harlem Meer Center makes outdoor activities and recreational opportunities possible all year round: Werner Sobek was commissioned to design a roofing and facade system for the new leisure centre.

Roof & Facade for Year-Round Use

It was designed as a curtain wall in mullion-and-transom construction, with fixed windows installed from the inside out and windows that can be opened equipped with a lift-and-slide system. A transition to a green roof is being created in the upper area of the visitor centre.

A new area for free skating on a Central Park lake, an Olympic-sized pool and a new outdoor wading pool will complement the new facility.

The redesign of the Lasker Ice Rink is the major project of a campaign by the Nature Conservancy to restore Central Park. The new facility is based on the original design of Central Park.

Susan T. Rodriguez, New York (US)

Planning time
2018 – 2020

Construction time
2021 – 2024

Services by Werner Sobek
Facade engineering

Central Park Conservancy, New York (US)

Central Park Conservancy, New York (US)
Susan T. Rodriguez, New York (US)

NYC Public Design Commission Award for Excellence in Design 2021

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