New GARP Training Centre

The GARP Training Centre – a training and further education facility for careers in metalworking – lies in an attractive, scenic location on the edge of the German town of Nürtingen. The new development extends the existing educational campus (which includes a Rudolf Steiner Waldorf school and the Hölderlin Grammar School) by the addition of a single-storey, free-standing structure that has strong formal ties with its topographical context. The typology of the low pavilion building with an atrium incised into its design creates a high-quality interior environment and an atmosphere of informal communication with powerful lines of connection between the exterior space and all of the areas within the building itself. The new training centre contains a range of seminar rooms, open learning spaces and a metalwork training workshop.

The architectural principle of the design is characterised by the open lines of sight that exist between the theoretical and practical sections of the building and which, in combination with the metal and glass facade, allow activities taking place in the interior of the facility to be visible from outside.

The building, a quadratic structure with sides of approximately 46 x 46 m in length, is arranged around a central, leafy interior courtyard. The training centre’s construction consists of a single-storey steel frame with an angular, ribbed profile facade made of perforated sheet metal that creates a constant interplay between transparency and opacity. Despite the facade’s relatively small area (approx. 1,200 m²), a very great deal of care was taken to ensure a high level of detail in its design.

New GARP Training Centre in Nürtingen

Riehle + Assoziierte GmbH + Co. KG, Stuttgart/Germany

Planning time
2017 – 2018

Construction time
2018 – 2021

Services by Werner Sobek
Heating, ventilation and sanitation planning
Facade engineering (WP 1.2 – 2.4 acc. to AHO 28)

1,931 m²

GARP Training Centre, Plochingen/Germany

Roland Halbe, Stuttgart/Germany

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