Siemens Shanghai

The Siemens Headquarter is located in Shanghai’s Yangpu District. The building complex is based on the model of historic urban development of Li-Long and creates a modern, contemporary,and attractive district. The complex consists of four buildings which have a total gross area size of 35,000 m². The rectangular and cubic buildings, which are offset to each other, create a multiform performance through its free spaces, small squares, and water basins which share the place with artistically set up green spaces. In front of the clear cubic buildings there are pedestal areas which connect to courtyards inside. A characteristic feature of the complex is its highly innovative double-skin facade and a highly transparent special-structure cable-net façade in the main entrance lobby area.

gmp, Hamburg/Germany

Planning time
2006 − 2008

Construction time
2007 − 2011

Services by Werner Sobek
Structural engineering
Facade engineering (up to design development phase,
check of detailed design drawings by local partner office, check of shop drawings by contractors,
production and site installation inspection)

35,000 m²

Siemens Real Estate (SRE) and Siemens Ltd. China (SLC)

Christian Gahl, Berlin/Germany

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