S21 – Access Walkways

A number of architectural alterations are being made to the state capital of Stuttgart as part of the Stuttgart 21 railway project. These changes include the construction of a new, underground, eight-track through station with a train shed that measures approximately 447 metres long and 80 metres wide.

Bridging Distances – Access to the New Stuttgart Underground Station

Three walkways allow passengers to access the new train shed from Stuttgart’s historic Bonatz building. These walkways consist of bridge-like reinforced concrete composite constructions with stairs leading down to the platforms. From a structural planning perspective, it is possible to split the walkways into two separate sections: a reinforced concrete composite section and a classic reinforced concrete section with infill panels made from precast reinforced concrete elements.

A special feature is that the webs are partly supported on the trough structure and partly suspended from the shell roof. Due to deformations of the shell roof, the position of the webs must be readjusted several times.

ingenhoven associates gmbh, Düsseldorf/Germany

Planning time
2009 – 2023

Construction time
2022 – 2024

Services by Werner Sobek
Structural engineering (WP 2 – 5)

DB Projekt Stuttgart-Ulm GmbH/Germany

Plan B, Stuttgart/Germany

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