Neubau Hohenbergschule in Rottenburg am Neckar

Hohenberg School

For structural reasons, the technical secondary school in the town of Rottenburg am Neckar is no longer equal to the demands of modern education and the prevailing pedagogical climate. As a result, Rottenburg Town Council is constructing a new building to serve as a three-form entry consolidated school that will offer both a secondary and a technical secondary curriculum. Measuring approximately 70 m x 55 m, the development fits into the existing campus and features a schoolyard to the northwest and an entrance courtyard with a student café to the southeast. The building itself is split up into two zones: the first is dedicated to inclusive, full-time general education and vocational classes, and the second consists of administrative facilities and communal spaces.

The gradient of the plot of land is integrated into the project’s design, resulting in a bank of bleacher-style seating in the entrance hall opposite the large music room. This entrance hall also serves as a junction between the school’s various grade clusters, which are divided up into two of the building’s wings. Overall, the new consolidated school is designed to be fully accessible and provide a variety of indoor and outdoor meeting spaces for gatherings of all sizes, ranging from small groups to larger internal events. The number of openings in the structure’s facades is sufficient to ensure that the interior of the building enjoys good levels of ventilation and light. In accordance with the project’s pedagogical concept, an open-plan, cluster-based layout was selected to allow the learning zones to be as large and as flexible as possible. This presented a particular challenge to the fire safety planners.

K9 Architekten GmbH, Freiburg/Germany

Planning time
2020 – 2022

Construction time
2022 – 2024

Services by Werner Sobek
Fire safety
Structural engineering
(WP 1  9 acc. to HOAI)

Town Council of Rottenburg am Neckar/Germany

ca. 6,500 m²

K9 Architekten GmbH, Freiburg/Germany


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