Conveyance Hall Airport Zurich

This single-storey construction houses cargo handling facilities on the grounds of the Zurich Airport. It extends over 200 m in length from east to west and is 40 m wide. The building boasts a dual-axis, curved dynamic design in which the transition between the roof and the wall has been kept purposely indistinct. The arched roof with a metal decking embraces the building with a flowing gesture that simultaneously and seamlessly forms the southern facade. The building presents a harmonized and inclusive design to the ‚outside world‘ a design in which the wall and roof flow seamlessly into one another without any change in material. Flowing in an east-west direction the slender curvature mirrors the existing topology; the dual-axis curved design ensures the volume of the building as seen by pedestrians and passing motorists is in keeping with its surroundings.

Werner Sobek, Stuttgart/Germany

Planning time
2008 − 2009

Construction time
2009 − 2010

Services by Werner Sobek
Object planning (WP 3 acc. to SIA 102)
Structural engineering (WP 3 acc. to SIA 103)
Facade planning (WP 1 acc. to UBF)

10,500 m²

Unique, Flughafen Zurich AG, Zurich/Switzerland

Nina Baisch, Konstanz/Germany

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