SBF Tower

The SBF Tower is a 190 m high skyscraper in Shenzhen/China. The building has a square floor plan of 49 x 49 m and a total of 41 storeys. It was designed by the Austrian architects Hans Hollein and Christoph Monschein. The tower has three vertical “sky gardens“, each of which extends over six storeys.

Sustainability Through Double Facade and Sky Gardens

The gardens not only give the building a characteristic appearance, but are also an essential part of the sustainability concept, which is designed for LEED Gold certification. Another important element of sustainability in the SBF Tower is a specially developed double facade that will reduce cooling loads and optimise the use of daylight. Werner Sobek was responsible for the facade and sustainability consulting.

Hans Hollein & Christoph Monschein, Vienna/Austria

Planning time
2009 − 2010

Construction time
2010 − 2018

Services by Werner Sobek

  • Facade and sustainability consultancy
  • LEED certification

Southern Bosera Fund, Shenzhen/China

Christoph Monschein, Vienna/Austria

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