Pfenning Grounds

GWG built two new administrative buildings on the Pfenning Areal in Reutlingen. The design by Riehle+Assoziierte, developed in collaboration with Werner Sobek Green Technologies, won first prize in the architectural competition held for this purpose. The project’s energy concept is based on a site-specific combination of active and passive measures. As a result, they lead to an optimum in terms of economic and ecological sustainability.

Optimum Economic & Ecological Sustainability

In developing the energy concept, the reduction of energy demand was pursued through constructive measures and optimised building services. Shading, irradiation and daylight analyses were used to optimise the facade in terms of reducing heat loss in winter and cooling loads in summer. The building is heated via a district heating connection, heat is transferred by radiators, and cooling is transferred via concrete core activation. Rapid temperature changes can be compensated for by the ventilation system.

Werner Sobek developed the energy concept and was responsible for the complete building services planning and construction supervision. In addition, a DGNB pre-assessment was carried out as part of the design planning.

Riehle Koeth GmbH+Co. KG, Reutlingen (D)

Planning time
2013 − 2017

Construction time
2015 − 2019

Services by Werner Sobek

  • Energy concept
  • Planning heating, ventilation and sanitary installations (HVS), sprinkler system and the measuring and control system (WP 1 − 8 acc. to HOAI)
  • DGNB quick-check

8,500 m²

GWG Wohnungsbaugesellschaft,
Reutlingen (D)

Andreas Keller, Altdorf (D)

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