Hybrid M – Moosach Bus Depot

This new bus depot for Stadtwerke München GmbH consists of an L-shaped main building with two wings that line the northern and western edges of the site (232 m and 142 m in length, respectively) and flank an assortment of functional structures (bus storage facility, workshop, paint shop, washing station and buffer area). The main building’s basement, ground floor and first floor host a variety of operations directly linked to running the bus service itself. By contrast, the second storey and subsequent floors are entirely given over to office space.

Hybrid Concept: Investing in the Future

All of the structures in new depot are built out of jointless reinforced concrete. Due to the high groundwater level, the basements were built as a waterproof construction. Parts of the roof structure over the bus storage facility and the workshop consist of prestressed semi-finished concrete components (prestressed concrete trusses) in conjunction with in-situ concrete roofing.

In order to provide as much manoeuvring space for the buses as possible, sections of the main building’s basement, ground floor and first floor are set back to align with the next row of supports within its structural grid. This creates large recessed areas along the streets to the north and west and above the inner courtyard and the workshops. The loads from the resultant dual-sided overhangs are absorbed via diagonal steel tension members that run between the exterior and interior supports.

Bus depot: Planungsxgruppe, Bremen (DE)
Shell development:  JSWD Architekten GmbH & Co. KG,
Cologne (DE)

Planning time
2014 − 2017

Construction time
2017 – 2022

Services by Werner Sobek

  • Structural engineering (WP 1 – 6 and 8 acc. to HOAI)
  • Object planning for the construction pit (WP 1 – 9 acc. to HOAI)
  • Structural planning for the construction pit (WP 1 – 6 acc. to HOAI)

67,000 m²

Stadtwerke München GmbH (DE)

Oliver Heissner, Konstanz (DE)
Oliver Acker, Nuremberg (DE)


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