The ZHI is a modern building being built for the Media University in Stuttgart. In addition to lecture halls, seminar rooms and laboratories the building also accommodates a library and television studio. The building is based on a conchoidal floor plan and consists of three floors above ground and an underground level. The dimensions of the floor plan are 90 x 40 m. The maximum height of the building is 13 m. The structural framework consists of steel reinforced concrete components, which are supplemented with steel concrete composite girders. Inner courtyards separate the individual wings of the building, which in turn are joined together by steel bridges.

Universitätsbauamt Stuttgart und Hohenheim/Germany

Planning time
2011 − 2012

Construction time
2012 − 2014

Services by Werner Sobek
Structural engineering

8,290 m²

Vermögen und Bau Baden Württemberg, Stuttgart/Germany

Jean Christen, Mannheim/Germany

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