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Sustainable School Buildings

Sustainable building is often seen as just energy-efficient and environmentally friendly construction – but sustainability aims much further and affects many other areas as well. Special attention is paid to the sustainable construction of schools, school extensions or school refurbishments from grammar schools to vocational school buildings.

Responsible Engineering plays a important Role in Sustainable School Buildings

From energy consumption to natural materials, from well-being to the careful treatment of nature, from economic efficiency to air quality: these are all characteristics that make up a sustainable building. But how can such complex issues be adequately taken into account in the planning stage – and subsequently demonstrated and made visible to “Generation Greta” and others?

In the following, we will therefore use a few selected project examples to show that (and how) this can be achieved with very different materials, techniques and technologies.

Our Vision: Triple Zero

The formula “Triple Zero” (zero fossil energy, zero emissions, zero waste) was developed by Werner Sobek many years ago as a simple rule of thumb for defining a sustainable building. But how do you translate it into built reality?

The prerequisite for this is not only certain materials or technologies, but also and above all the constant exchange between all the disciplines involved. We asked some of our colleagues how they manage these tasks in their daily work, what role our in-house task force “Triple Zero” plays here – and what challenges they see ahead for the building industry in the coming years…

R128 Werner Sobek's residential building

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News on Sustainable Construction

Sustainability is a central topic for us, which we work on across the different service phases. We have highlighted the different aspects of our work in various articles.

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