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Bridge Construction

Podcast Brücken Andreas Malcher

Bridges Connect and Bring Together

They are an important part of our infrastructure and shape public space. Due to their function, bridges are particularly exposed. They not only have to withstand loads from traffic, wind and earthquakes, but also critical appraisal by the general public. Bridge construction in particular is therefore about more than just designing the supporting structure. An appealing design is just as important as making the flow of forces visible even to laymen.

Structural logic, design quality and lightness are not at odds with economic efficiency and future viability, but ideally form a unity with them. Often the most beautiful bridge is also the most effective, sustainable and economical. Achieving such a combination is our goal at Werner Sobek. In an interdisciplinary team, we work on the most diverse aspects that play a role in bridge construction – from embedding in the urban environment to the choice of materials and the design of the supporting structure to construction processes and maintenance concepts.
A particular focus for us is the integration of our cross-disciplinary sustainability approaches in bridge construction. Important steps on this path include the reduction of gray emissions through lightweight construction techniques, the use of secondary building materials, the preparation of life cycle assessments as part of preliminary planning, and the design of low-maintenance structures that can be easily converted or deconstructed if necessary.

The prerequisite for comprehensive sustainability in construction is a smooth exchange of information along the entire value chain. For this reason, we also consistently rely on the use of BIM in bridge construction and attach great importance to a cooperative partnership with our clients and project partners. Our extensive experience from various building construction and infrastructure projects as well as from several research projects help us to establish the BIM methodology as a fundamental standard in bridge construction as well.

Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Malcher
Team Manager Bridge Construction


Werner Sobek develops bridges according to structural logic, design quality, lightness and transparency and fits them harmoniously into the overall context. For us, designing a load-bearing structure means reducing it to the bare essentials, always with economic as well as ecological and design considerations in mind. Minimised structures with large spans and the highest design quality are the result of this approach. The high quality standards of our company are also reflected in a quality management system certified according to ISO 9001.


Werner Sobek provides fully comprehensive object and structural planning for all types of bridges in all service phases. In addition, Werner Sobek offers the following services in bridge construction:

  • Building Information Modelling (BIM)
  • Test engineering services
  • Calculations according to the recalculation guideline
  • Expert reports and peer reviews
  • Rehabilitation planning
  • Vibration analyses

We work worldwide, in a wide variety of economic and cultural environments, using local standards and taking into account a wide variety of construction processes – always with a view to constructability and cost-effectiveness as well as quality, precision and design fidelity. The integral cooperation with clients, traffic planners and other specialist planners is an important prerequisite for the success of our work.

Construction Future.
A Podcast by Werner Sobek
# 06: Bridges (in German)

Our guest is Andreas Malcher, civil engineer and team leader bridge construction at Werner Sobek. He has been working as a specialist in the field of bridge construction for many years and provides interesting insights into his work in this conversation. How can design, load-bearing structure and sustainability be taken into account in equal measure when designing bridges – and what challenges will planners and builders have to face in the future? Listen in!

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