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non nobis – About Building in the Future

We are not born for ourselves alone, we do not act for ourselves alone: what we decide and do as a society today reaches far beyond our own horizon, has an impact far into the future. In order to do justice to our common responsibility, we need cleanly researched facts and a precise presentation of the connections that exist between these facts. Only in this way can knowledge emerge.

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Issue 1: You have to start from what is

With Issue 1 of his trilogy “non nobis”, Werner Sobek presents the first comprehensive contemporary analysis of his industry. A new standard work that forms the basis for building in the future. The book offers a global inventory of current trends and developments that directly affect our built and natural environment – and are massively influenced by the way we build: Resource consumption and availability, building materials, emissions, energy, global warming, climate targets, population trends, and more.

Key Statements Non Nobis - Chapter 1

Key Statement I: Materials

Non Nobis (02) Resources

Key Statement II: Resources

non nobis book from Werner Sobek

Key Statement III: Building Materials

Construction industry produces too much waste

Key Statement IV: Waste

Non Nobis (05) Energy

Key Statement V: Energy

Non Nobis (06) Emissions

Key Statement VII: Emissions

Non Nobis (07) Transport

Key Statement VII: Transport

Other Topics