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Communicating Complexity: the Non Nobis Project

In order to drive change towards more sustainable construction in the face of rapidly advancing global warming, our company founder published the second part of his trilogy “non nobis” at the end of 2023.

For Werner Sobek, generally understandable language and the use of the right terms are crucial in order to initiate the necessary changes. In his latest book, our company founder presents scientific facts, data and complex issues in a way that is understandable to a wide audience. Sobek’s words are complemented almost symbiotically by the aesthetically pleasing illustrations by Stuttgart graphic designer Andreas Uebele, for whom “good design is characterised by … precise formulation in clear language”.

At the invitation of the aed, Andreas Uebele and Werner Sobek will discuss the role of design in the highly successful book project “non nobis” at the Stuttgart Literaturhaus on 15 March 2024. The publisher of the trilogy, Petra Kiedaisch, Verlag av edition, will moderate the discussion.

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