Schulcampus Adorno Gymnasium in Frankfurt am Main

Sustainable School Buildings

The trade fair format School Construction takes place at various locations in Germany and Austria. The focus here is on innovative concepts for the design of interior and exterior spaces. We are pleased to be represented with lectures at two of these events. On 7 April 2022, our colleagues Nefeli Mavroeidi and Andreas Scharfe will give a lecture in Frankfurt on the topic of “Sustainable School Construction”. Our colleague Frederic Waimer will speak on 11 May 2022 in Vienna about “Possibilities for resource-friendly and emission-reduced building“.

A particularly interesting example of innovative school construction presented at our lectures is the school campus Adorno-Gymnasium in Frankfurt. The building, realised according to a design by gmp, is the world’s largest school in modular timber construction. The school building produces only a quarter of the carbon dioxide emissions of a comparable solid construction. In addition, the consumption values of the current energy saving regulations are undercut by 30 percent.

You will find more special school buildings engineered by Werner Sobek here: Zinzendorf Grammar School in Herrnhut, Hohenberg School in Rottenburg am Neckar, GARP Education Centre in Nürtingen, FHF Refectory in Rottenburg, Adorno Grammar School Campus in Frankfurt.

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