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Shade for the Desert

The EXPO 2020 world exhibition opened its doors. We are proud that we were able to make a significant contribution to the design of the EXPO site with our filigree shading systems … read more

Dubai Shade Structure Expo 2020

Dressed in black – Relaunch of Our Website

Werner Sobek has undertaken a comprehensive relaunch to radically transform its online presence. … read more

Management Changeover at ILEK

Werner Sobek has left his desk well organized – Prof. Dr. Lucio Blandini is the new Director of the Institute for Lightweight Structures and Conceptual Design. After more than 25 years of building up the Institute, Sobek will still be continuing his research and academic teaching roles at … read more.

Global Award for Sustainable Architecture for Werner Sobek

Werner Sobek (8th from the left) was one of five prize winners to receive the Global Award for Sustainable Architecture on 13th May, 2019 at an international conference in the Cité de l’Architecture in Paris. With this award, the jury honoured the “groundbreaking research”, which Sobek has initiated and supervised for … read more.

The Desert Rose of Qatar

Construction of the new National Museum of Qatar transformed a visionary design into magnificent reality – thanks to German engineering from Stuttgart. Werner Sobek is known for an ability to transform even very unconventional designs into viable projects with clever planning expertise. One of the company’s most recent projects was the new National Museum of Qatar, designed by Jean Nouvel. Werner Sobek was selected by … read more.

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