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Here you will find a list of lectures from our circle of colleagues.


29./30.11.2023 Thomas Winterstetter City of the Future – The Future of the City and the Impact on Construction and Facades European Facade Summit, Wien (A)
16.11.2023 Thomas Winterstetter   Zak World of Facades, Frankfurt
29.09.2023 Werner Sobek Transformation – Strengthening Spaces Berlin Congress Center
11./12.09.2023 Frederic Waimer What does Sustainable Urban Development Mean in Concrete Terms and what Opportunities does It Create? imh Konferenz Nachhaltigkeit im Wohnbau, Wien (A)
28.06.2023 Stefanie Weidner Sustainable Building 25. Anniversary of Architektur Centrum Hamburg
22.06.2023 Lucio Blandini Lightweight and Resource-Saving Construction with Concrete Betontage, Congress Centrum Ulm
15.06.2023 Emma Kanz

Daniel Torakai 

Modularity and Recyclability in High-Rise Construction Green Construction Excellence Forum, Frankfurt
09.06.2023 Werner Sobek Building in the Future Festkolloquium zur Verabschiedung von Josef Hegger, Super C Aachen
06.06.2023 Stefanie Weidner

Meet like-minded professionals from Germany, The Netherlands and Denmark

Building Green, Hamburg
25./26.05.2023 Frederic Waimer Building Real Estate on the Test Bench Real Estate Circle, Stegersbach (A)
25.05.2023 Werner Sobek

Farewell Lecture

Universität Stuttgart
24./25.05.2023 Thomas Winterstetter The Role of the Construction Industry in the Impact of Sustainability

Building Summit, Barcelona (ES)

23./24.05.2023 Lara Katscher

Max Mannschreck

The P18 Urban Quarter – Serial Residential Construction in a New Dimension Modulbau 2023, Dortmund
17.05.2023 Max Mannschreck The P18 Urban Quarter Modularer Wohnungsbau für kommunale Wohnungsbaugesellschaften (online)
16.05.2023 Stefanie Weidner Statement 17: natura mensura est Ingenieurwerkstatt 2023, Carmen Würth Forum, Künzelsau
11./12.05.2023 Frederic Waimer Architectural Concepts with Individuality and High Quality of Stay Vitra Discover Day, Wien (A)
03./04.05.2023 Roland Bechmann Making High RIses Comparable to Low Rise Density in Terms of Emissions (in engl. Sprache) High-Rises and Vertical Construction Summit, Lindner Hotel & Residence Main Plaza, Frankfurt
03.05.2023 Lavinia Ruf Architectural Concepts with Individuality and High Quality of Stay Vitra Discover Day, St. Gallen (CH)
27.04.2023 Stefanie Weidner Future Circular and Regional Holzbausymposium, Stadthalle Saarburg
25.04.2023 Werner Sobek

The Boundary Conditions of the Future

45. Salon of Architecture Competition, Belgrad (RS)
17.04.2023 Benjamin Beer

Glass Architecture – Latest Developments in Façade Engineering and Human Centric Design

45. Salon of Architecture Competition, Belgrad (RS)
11.04.2023 Lara Katscher

The Green City of the Future

45. Salon of Architecture Competition, Belgrad (RS)
30.03.2023 Bernd Köhler

The Recyclable Apartment – The Urban Mining & Recycling Unit NEST in Dübendorf/Switzerland 

Urban Mining, digital talk
29.03.2023 Roland Bechmann

Future-Oriented. Recyclable. Emission-free

eltefa 2023, Messe Stuttgart
28.03.2023 Lucio Blandini

From the Neckar to the Nile: Stuttgart Design for the Pharaoh

Atelier Brückner, Stuttgart
16.03.2023 Frederic Waimer

Designing Real Estate Sustainably


Mind:shift, ÖAMTC Zentrale Vienna (A)
16.03.2023 Roland Bechmann, Bernd Glückert Grey Emissions in the Building Sector – Stocktaking and Optimisation Strategies, Not Building Less, but Building with Less Deutscher Bautechnik-Tag 2023 (online)
13.03.2023 Roland Bechmann Resource-Efficient Building: How will We Build with Renewable Raw Materials in the Future? Symposium Bauen mit dem Wald, Quartier Zukunft Berlin
08.03.2023 Stefanie Weidner How Buildings Become Adaptable and Make Construction Fit for the Future Heilbronner Architekturgespräche 2023, Heilbronn
01./02.03.2023 Daniel Torakai Digitalisation in Construction Planning Construction Summit, Hamburg
14.02.2023 Claudia Lüling Social Relevance and Sustainable Architecture KoBi 01-2023 (online)
14.02.2023 Stefanie Weidner Challenging LCA: the Pros and Cons of LCA CTBUH EU, Venice (IT)
09.02.2023 Werner Sobek What does it Mean to Build Heimat for Everyone? Academy for Architectural Culture, Hamburg
13.12.2022 Bernd Köhler We Need to Talk – Discussion Round on Building Culture  FH Erfurt
25.01.2023 Frederic Waimer Climate-Friendly Solutions in School Construction Konferenz Nachhaltigkeit im Bildungsbau, Radisson Blue Hotel, Vienna (A)
18.01.2023 Lucio Blandini Lightweight Construction: Where is the Journey Heading? Raumprobe, Stuttgart
17.01.2023 Lukas Gehring

Emma Kanz

From the Lecture Hall Steeply Upwards – from Skyscrapers and Ferris Wheels. The Career Start Future Engineering Talks, TU Darmstadt
13.01.2023 Hans-Georg Reinke Structural Design of New High-Rise Buildings Baupraxisvortragsreihe, FH Kärten, (A)
13.12.2022 Carmen Herrman Simply Green – Greening the City AIT-ArchitekturSalon Hamburg
13.12.2022 (postponed to 31.01.2023) Bernd Köhler We need to talk – discussion round on building culture  FH Erfurt 
12.12.2022 Benjamin Beer WS Facades ZAK World of Facades,
30.11.2022 Werner Sobek Boundary conditions of future building Architekturpreis Berlin e.V., Kutscherhaus
29.11.2022 Moritz Brombacher (Un)heard important – Honest sustainability in construction Rockfon series “Innovation Acoustics”
29.11.2022 Alexandra Mrzigod Planning Anew with the Old 4th Annual Symposium
Ingenieurbaukunst – Design for Construction,Wallraf-Richartz-Museum Cologne
23./24.11.2022 Lara Katscher

Max Mannschreck

The P18 urban quarter – serial residential construction in a new dimension Konferenz Modularer Wohnbau 2022 in München
22./23.11.2022 Alexandra Mrzigod The key to sustainability: zero emissions and zero waste (the example of NEST). Build & Connect Strasburg
23.11.2022 Stefanie Weidner Civil and Architectural Engineering SDU, University of Southern Denmark
17.-19.11.2022 Stefanie Weidner Sustainability and materiality –
how can we live and build in the future?
International ArchitectureForum, Messe Hamburg
16.11.2022 Claudia Lüling Future-oriented. Recyclable. Emission-free. Schweizer Bauforum, Hochschule Luzern
16.11.2022 Stefanie Weidner Adaptive structures and facades in the context of high-rises (digital)


15.11.2022 Benjamin Beer WS Facades NEXT International Facade Summit Frankfurt am Main
10.11.2022 Lucio Blandini More sustainability for planning, building and operating – the opportunity through digitalisation Building Smart Forum, Berlin
9.-12.11.2022 Roland Bechmann

Stefanie Weidner

Twisting Elevator Research Tower: Aufzugstestturm, Rottweil CTBUH Chicago “Tall Excellence”

3.11.2022 Alexandra Mrzigod From grey to green: climate-friendly building, future construction methods
already implement today

Vitra Discover Day, Zurich

2.-4.11.2022 Roland Bechmann

Stefanie Weidner

Laura Terzenbach

Speakers Klimafestival für die Bauwende der Heinze GmbH, Alte Schmiedehallen Düsseldorf
26.10.2022 Alexandra Mrzigod Speaker

Investors’ Day – Nachhaltiges Bauen, Ulm

25.10.2022 Benjamin Beer Keynote Speaker at Seminar on Sustainability & Building Envelopes WOT World Of Technal Riyadh
24.10.2022 Stefanie Weidner Challenging LCA Institute for Architecture and Technology, Royal Danish AcademyArchitecture, Design, Conservation
20.10.2022 Thomas Winterstetter The Future of Facades – Strong, Digital, Green ZAK World of Facades, Titanic Chaussee, Berlin
18.10.2022 Lucio Blandini Press Conference Hessischer Architektentag 2022, Hugenottenhalle Neu-Isenburg
14.-15.10.2022 Werner Sobek Award International Research and Design Forum of the SOM Foundation, Stuttgart
13.10.2022 Stefanie Weidner Speaker 6. KUPIL Architektentag, Kressbronn
13.10.2022 Roland Bechmann Climate-neutral and cycle-friendly –
this is how we must build now
Klimakonferenz Nachhaltig Bauen, Berlin
11.10.2022 Lucio Blandini Adaptivity CRC 1244 Conference on Adaptivity, Stuttgart
11.10.2022 Roland Bechmann How sustainable are high-rise buildings?

Panel discussion of the CTBUH Germany, Oskar von Miller Forum München

29.9.2022 Werner Sobek Expert Talk / Panel Discussion Climate and resources – on building for the future – aed e.V. Stuttgart
27.09.2022 Roland Bechmann Is industrial timber construction sustainable? Part 3 – Reuse instead of thermal recycling Builtworld Leading Innovation


23.08.2022 Stefanie Weidner Keeping a Firm Eye on the Positive Climate Balance in Construction Immobilien-Dialog Hamburg
06.07.2022 Prof. Werner Sobek

Roland Bechmann

Stefanie Weidner

Why Urban Mining is Inevitable:
Analyzing the Resource
Consumption of Urban
ICSA 2022
5th International Conference on Structures and Architecture, Aalborg, Denmark
29.06.2022 Werner Sobek Residential constructing in times of climate change
Conference FrankfurtRheinMain baut!, IHK Frankfurt am Main
29.06.2022 Stefanie Weidner Ways out of the Labyrinth: How Does Sustainable Building Begin? Architekturgalerie München
27.-29.06.2022 Benjamin Beer Advanced Systemised Facade Innovations for Complex Geometry
Buildings and Sustainable Supertall Towers
Vertical Cities Singapore
22.06.2022 Bernd Köhler Werner Sobek Work Lecture Department of Building and Design Livestsream
Meeting-ID: 993 4687 6378
22.06.2022 Daniel Torakai Insights into the Planning of Major Projects Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, Frankfurt am Main
02.06.2022 Stefanie Weidner How can and do we want to live and build in the future SenerTec Energy Day, Gaszählerwerkstatt, Munich
01.06.2022 Lucio Blandini Artificial Intelligence (AI) + Production digitalBAU 2022, Cologne Trade Fair
12.05.2022 Stefanie Weidner Building and the future anthropozän, Museum am Löwentor, Stuttgart
31.04.2022 Eric Wolgast Introducing BIM
Smart Energy 4.4., BIM Training Courses (online)
11.05.2022 + 12.05.2022 Roland Bechmann Cycle-friendly and climate-neutral – this is how we have to build now Future Real Estate, Cradle to Cradle, Hamburg (online)
11.05.2022 Frederic Waimer Focus on climate: opportunities for resource-friendly and emission-reduced construction Schulbau Salon 2022, Vienna
10.05.2022 + 11.05.2022 Matteo Brunetti, Steffen Feirabend, Holger Hinz, Angelika Schmid, Florian Starz, Lucio Blandini Various lectures – see programme Construction Engineering Congress, Esslingen Technical Academy, Ostfildern
07.04.2022 Nefeli Mavroeidi + Andreas Scharfe Sustainable school construction – 3 practical examples Schulbau Salon 2022, Frankfurt am Main
27.04.2022 Prof. Werner Sobek Future and responsibility: PROF. WERNER SOBEK x CONCULAR Zumtobel, Lichtzentrum, Berlin
15.03.2022 Prof. Lucio Blandini Building is innovative! 3. Symposium Building the Future (online)
03.02.2022 Roland Bechmann Where will the climate issue be decided, in new buildings or in existing buildings? Heuer Dialog, digital talk.QUO VADIS powered by Aurelis (online)


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