Sustainability – quo vadis?

Climate change and global resource depletion are gigantic challenges that we must overcome in a short time. The building industry is a major cause of both problems, but can also contribute to their solution.

But what exactly can and should such a solution look like? In order to better answer this question, aed e.V. has invited two thought leaders who each – independently of each other, but almost simultaneously – published a book on basic questions of sustainable building.

The “Prologue” by Caspar Schmitz-Morkramer seeks a guide through the labyrinth of the many, sometimes very contradictory statements on the subject that can be found in a wide variety of publications. For its part, Werner Sobek’s book “non nobis” provides cleanly researched facts and a precise presentation of interrelationships – the first comprehensive contemporary analysis of an  industry. The panel will be complemented by Prof. Detlef Kurth, an expert on sustainable urban development.

Moderated by Boris Schade-Bünsow (Bauwelt), the aed event will explore the question of how our way of building needs to change – and what each of us can contribute.

The event will take place on 29.9.2022 from 19-21 hrs at the Literaturhaus Stuttgart (Breitscheidstraße 4).

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