Jahrbuch Ingenieurbaukunst 2022

New Engineering Yearbook 2022

“Engineers are drivers of innovation and responsible shapers of a forward-looking building and technology culture. Only with their know-how can the ecological and economic tasks that lie ahead of us be successfully solved” – this can be read in the foreword by Dr Heinrich Bökamp, President of the Federal Chamber of Engineers. In December, the new publication of the Federal Chamber of Engineers, the yearbook “Ingenieurbaukunst 2022 – Made in Germany”, will be published. On 196 pages, the performance of German engineering is impressively documented. We are very pleased to be represented in the book with three contributions. Our colleagues Angelika Schmid and Barbara Ast report on the new construction of the Staatsgalerie light rail station in Stuttgart – a masterpiece of civil engineering, since the construction of the station took place during ongoing operations and it is also located above the new S21 long-distance railway tunnel. In the article “Well planned from the ground up – the K II in Düsseldorf“, Florian Starz reports on Europe’s largest green façade: the office and commercial building is planted with over 30,000 hornbeams – an absolute novelty in Europe. In their article, Marc-Steffen Fahrion and Moritz Brombacher from Werner Sobek Green Technologies describe new strategies for climate-adapted and regenerative building; they explain the major role roofs and façades play in climate protection. The book can already be pre-ordered here.

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