Educational sponsorships Werner Sobek

More Equal Opportunities for Women: Educational Sponsorships for Girls

This year we are celebrating 30 successful years of Werner Sobek. Because we want to pass on a little of our success, we have decided to sponsor education.

The Club of Rome recently named the “five extraordinary turns” on which our future depends. In addition to ending poverty, these include eliminating glaring inequality, empowering women, building a food system that is healthy for people and ecosystems, and transitioning to the use of clean energy.

Werner Sobek has traditionally been comprehensively committed to sustainability in construction. To make a small contribution to women’s empowerment, we have sponsored three girls.

Six-year-old Niva-Anahi is from Bolivia, Jimena from Paraguay is one year old and Guidepba from Cameroon is nine. Our sponsorships ensure that the girls receive a school education and thus a chance for a better life than their parents.

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