Leichtbau Mit Beton Lucio Blandini Beton Und Stahlbetonbau 5 2023

Lightweight Construction with Concrete

The farewell lecture of our company founder Werner Sobek in May 2023 was the occasion for a veritable “Werner Sobek Special” in the renowned trade journal “Beton- und Stahlbetonbau“: as many as six articles in issue 5/2023 were penned by various of our colleagues.

In a ten-page illustrated article, Prof. Lucio Blandini, CEO of Werner Sobek AG and head of ILEK (Institut für Leichtbau Enwerfen und Konstruieren – Institute for Lightweight Design and Construction), explains together with some of his colleagues why lightweight construction is also possible with concrete – and how bacteria can contribute to making concrete structures lighter, lower in emissions and more durable.

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