Mae West, Rita Mc Brides 52 m sculpture at Effnerplatz in Munich

Femme Fatale at Effnerplatz

The Effnerplatz traffic junction in the north-east of Munich was redesigned following the construction of a tunnel. The sculptor Rita McBride was commissioned to design a sculpture for the new square. The American artist is known for her mostly expansive works that deal with architecture, function and communication.

For the square, which was named after the Munich court architect Joseph Effner in 1931, Rita McBride created a 52 metre high statue of the actress Mae West – the hydrogen-blonde femme fatale was one of Hollywood’s best-paid actresses in the 1930s.

Werner Sobek provided the structural and project engineering for the abstract work of art made of carbon fibre tubes in the shape of a hyperboloid. We are very proud to have been involved in this spectacular project!

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