Sustainability Study Althan Quarter Vienna

Exemplary Sustainability Study

A recent sustainability study carried out for the real estate company 6B47 Real Estate Investors impressively demonstrates how great the influence of architects and engineers can be on the CO2 emissions of a project. The study examined an office building in the Althan area in Vienna. The study examined the impact on greenhouse gas emissions of a new building compared to a conversion (core renovation and addition of a new storey). Based on the BIM model and data records from Ökobaudat, the grey emissions for the supporting structure, façade and interior fittings were determined. The figures obtained speak for themselves: demolishing the building down to its skeleton and then adding a new storey saves 67% in greenhouse gas emissions compared to demolition and new construction, i.e. a total of 18,625 tonnes of CO2! By not demolishing the building, 10,000 inner-city lorry journeys for the removal of the rubble are eliminated. In addition, 122,480 tonnes of concrete and 10,944 tonnes of steel will be saved. The study was realised by Werner Sobek’s cross-disciplinary and cross-site task force “Triple Zero“.

Renderings: WOOW Studio, Petržalka/Slovakia

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