Demonstrator Universität Stuttgart Vaihingen

Lightweight Construction and Adaptivity

How can the built environment of tomorrow be realised sustainably today? A new episode of the podcast “Building the Future” by Werner Sobek highlights the importance of adaptive load-bearing structures and façades against this background. This time, the guests are Prof. Lucio Blandini, board member at Werner Sobek and head of the Institute for Lightweight Design and Construction (ILEK) at the University of Stuttgart, and Dr. Stefanie Weidner, sustainability specialist at Werner Sobek.

They present a milestone in the field of innovative construction: the demonstrator high-rise building in Stuttgart-Vaihingen. This 36.5-metre-high tower is the world’s first adaptive high-rise in which the supporting structure and façade can automatically adapt optimally to changing wind and weather conditions. This saves resources on a large scale without compromising safety or user comfort.

You can listen to the entire interview with many other exciting insights into the demonstrator and recommend it to others on Spotify, Apple Podcast and SoundCloud.

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