Werner Sobek is a global company with offices on several continents. In general, initiative applications are possible and welcome for all locations. Detailed information on specific vacancies currently available at individual offices can be found below.

A first insight into the work at Werner Sobek is available on our YouTube channel.


Sobek & Hall GmbH

Structural Engineer (m/f/x)

Werner Sobek AG

Employee Reception/Secretary (m/f/x) in full-time or part-time Team Assistant Finance (m/f/x) in full-time or part-time Head of Accounting and Tax (m/f/x) Tax Expert/Tax Consultant (m/f/x) Employee Business Development (m/f/x) Project Manager Facade Engineering (m/f/x) Project Manager Structural Engineering (m/f/x) Structural Engineer (m/f/x) Geotechnical/Foundation Engineer (m/f/x) Civil Engineer or Draftsman (m/f/x) BIM Manager/Coordinator (m/f/x) BIM Designer (m/f/x) Intern Controlling (m/f/x) Intern Facade Engineering (m/f/x) Intern Controlling (m/f/x) Intern Corporate Communications (m/f/x) Student Employee Corporate Communications (m/f/x) Student Employee Business Development (m/f/x)

Werner Sobek Design

Architect/Project Manager with professional experience (m/f/x) Architects / Apprentice Architects (m/f/x) Intern Architecture (m/f/x)

Werner Sobek Green Technologies

Project Manager/Project Engineer Electrical Engineering (m/f/x) Project Engineer/Planner Electrical Engineering (m/f/x) Project Engineer/Planner Sanitary Engineering (m/f/x) Project Manager in the field of Certification and Sustainability (m/f/x) Employee in the field of Certification (DGNB/BNB/LEED) (m/f/x) Building Physicist (m/f/x) Sustainability Consultant for Material Ecology (m/f/x) Sustainability Consultant in the field of Life Cycle Assessment (m/f/x) CAD Electrical Engineer (m/f/x) CAD Sanitary Engineer (m/f/x) Intern Sustainable Construction/Building Physics (m/f/x) Intern MEP (m/f/x)