Christiane Ditzen

Christiane Ditzen

Dipl.-Ing. Dipl.-Ing. Architect Christiane Ditzen

Team Manager

since 2021 Team Manager Building Physics and Sustainability at Werner Sobek Green Technologies

2016 – 2021 Academic assistant at the Institute of Construction Materials at the University Stuttgart/Germany

2012 – 2016 Project Manager for Werner Sobek Green Technologies

since 2011 LEED AP Building Design & Construction

2010 – 2011 Project Manager for Drees & Sommer, Frankfurt/Germany

2007 – 2009 Teaching and Research Assistant in Building Physics at the Technical University Darmstadt/Germany

2002 – 2010 Studied Civil Engineering at the Technical University Darmstadt/Germany

1997 – 2006 Studied Architecture at the Technical University Darmstadt/Germany, at the EPF Lausanne/Switzerland and at the TU Darmstadt/Germany

1978 Born in Darmstadt/Germany