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German Engineering on the Bosporus

Werner Sobek Istanbul was founded in 2015 so that we are always available locally for our partners and clients in the region.

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Stuttgart’s New Main Station – Infrastructure and Landmark!

It has been a hot topic for many years, but its completion is not within reach: the construction site around Stuttgart's new main railway station.

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Building with Timber – What’s Next?

Timber is a renewable raw material and can make an important contribution to combating climate change by storing CO₂...

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Future Challenge: Refurbishment

The revitalisation of buildings is an important instrument for the transformation of our industry towards more sustainability. It helps save resources and reduces emissions. Is this the future?

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Nature in the City – Thanks to Facades?

In times of global warming and extreme weather events, many wonder how our built environment can react to these developments. In this context, green facades are of particular interest.

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The Boundary Conditions of the Future

How can, how do we want and how must we shape our built environment in the coming years? These questions were the focus of our company founder's farewell lecture.

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