Ökozid Werner Sobek

We Must Develop Utopias

In his prologue to the play “Ökozid“, which was performed as part of the Stuttgart Climate Action Day on 24 June 2023, Werner Sobek once again found clear words: the industrialised countries as the main cause of climate change must finally act. “We need a discussion involving society as a whole,” demanded our company founder at the Staatstheater Stuttgart – long overdue laws such as the Heating Act must be clearly justified and not misused for scaremongering.

Because the building industry bears a large share of the responsibility for global warming, it also represents an important lever for change. “We must design the future and develop utopias,” Werner Sobek demanded in front of the well-filled theatre hall.

In the play “Ökozid”, based on director Andres Veiel‘s TV film from the year, a coalition of 31 states from the Global South is suing Germany. It is the year 2034, and in the meantime drought and floods are in the process of destroying the livelihoods of these states. Germany is now supposed to pay for its failures in the past…

Photo: Julian Baumann

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