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Two Minds, One Vision: Avant-Garde With the Courage to Utopia

At the 30th anniversary celebration of our company in September 2022, our founder Werner Sobek and our CEO Roland Bechmann gave two programmatic speeches – they offered a retrospective of our founding vision and an outlook on future challenges. An exciting mix!

Think Tank and Think Factory With the Courage for Utopia

From 1992, when Werner Sobek started to build up his company with two employees, to today, when we are a people-owned company with more than 400 colleagues – our goal has remained the same over all these years.

Emission-Free, for More People and with Less Material

Influenced by the pioneering spirit of Werner Sobek, we see ourselves as pioneers in the struggle for more sustainability in construction. We want to contribute to the successful transformation of our built environment towards zero emissions and resource neutrality through our expertise.

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