TK Elevator Richtfest

TKT Topping-Out Ceremony

On July 29, 2015, after less than ten months of construction ThyssenKrupp celebrated the topping-out ceremony for its unique elevator test tower in Rottweil designed by Werner Sobek and Helmut Jahn. The concrete tube of the tower has reached its full height of 232 meters, the level of the viewing platform. Over the next two weeks the final structures will be added on top before interior work starts on the tallest building in Baden-Württemberg in mid-August. Over the next two weeks the tower will thus reach a height of 244 meters with the construction of the final, glass story and the top of the elevator shafts. The last two meters bringing the tower to its final height of 246 meters will then follow with completion of the facade. Before that happens, interior work will start in mid-August 2015. Work on the outer skin will begin in March 2016. The structure is scheduled to be completed and go into operation at the end of 2016.

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