Timelapse of the Building Lift – adidas ARENA

Pushing the limits of what can be built – a challenge architects and engineers are constantly faced with! A good example of this is the new adidas ARENA – World of Sports (recently awarded the German Steel Construction Engineering Award). The upper floors of the 140 x 115 m building are elevated 12,5 m above the ground – but only since completion of the assembly work.

The steel construction of the first two upper floors was pre-assembled on approx. 2 m high auxiliary supports. The entire structure was then brought into its final position in several steps with the aid of 76 hydraulic presses. The 12,000 tonne construction was lifted by 0.5 m each in several 12-minute lifting operations. A total of 67 V-shaped composite columns were then mounted under the construction before the latter was then lowered onto them.

The time-lapse film shows how this impressive process took place: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0WjSqWkoy6M

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