Abschiedsvorlesung Film 4 Werner Sobek

The Optimisation of the Interior

From the model of mechanical tension between the molecules of a soap bubble and the never homogeneous substrate that causes it to burst: In his farewell lecture, Werner Sobek talks about the beginnings of his extensive research and resulting inventions such as ultra-lightweight construction and gradient concrete.

On 25 May 2023, after almost three decades of teaching at the University of Stuttgart, Werner Sobek gave his farewell lecture to an audience of around 900. After around 90 minutes, Werner Sobek said goodbye to the stage for the last time as a lecturer to a standing ovation. For all those who could not be there, we have documented the event and are now showing various excerpts from Werner Sobek’s speech. In the fourth of a total of five films, our company founder talks about adaptive constructions and the optimisation of component interiors.

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