The Facade as a Vertical Green Space

In a publication by the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences, our colleagues Carmen Herrmann, Florian Starz and Timo Schmidt look at the potential of green facades. As an example, they look at the facades planned by Werner Sobek for the projects KII in Düsseldorf and Calwer Passage in Stuttgart.

Both projects not only make a significant contribution to biodiversity and quality of life in urban spaces; the positive effect of adiabatic cooling and buffering of heavy rainfall are also noticeable immediately after planting.

The essay “Fassadentechnik und vertikaler Landschaftsbau am Beispiel des KII in Düsseldorf und der Calwer Passage in Stuttgart” appeared in the publication “Fassade 23” by the Institute for Construction and Real Estate at Augsburg University of Applied Sciences.

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