Assembly of Fulda Bridge

The new foot and cycle bridge over the Fulda river in Germany is taking shape: On 13.08.2020 the 45-metre longitudinal girders of the structure were lifted in. The bridge designed by Werner Sobek consists of a large-span, elegantly understated ribbon-like structure with gentle curves that help it nestle into the highly ecologically sensitive floodplains of the surrounding landscape.

The steady rise and fall of the bridge’s arch allows the area of unspoilt meadows, riverbank zones and waterbird populations underneath the construction to be appreciated from above. In the main section of the bridge, the supporting structure is built out of two hollow sections which vary in height over the width of the river, with a concrete carriageway made of semi-precast elements with in-situ concrete applied at a transverse gradient between the girders. The approaches to the bridge are made of solid in-situ concrete with round steel supports.

More informations at:,radweg-bruecke-fulda-100.html

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