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Research and Innovation at Werner Sobek: The Klibau Study

In the latest edition of our podcast, Vanessa Propach and Moritz Brombacher report on our Klibau research project (further development and concretisation of climate-adapted building). In this project, they comprehensively worked out various aspects that can serve planners and builders as guidelines for building in the future.

Extreme weather conditions are becoming more frequent due to climate change – how can and how must planners react to this?

Buildings constructed today must be able to withstand the coming weather conditions decades from now. However, climate-adapted construction also means planning and constructing buildings that improve the microclimate of their surroundings. Planning decisions must therefore take into account aspects such as the possibilities of binding particulate matter, increasing biodiversity or preserving resources.

Climate-adapted building is therefore a holistic approach that is not only about ensuring the quality of the building, but also about making a positive contribution to the environment.

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