Practice early – WS Christmas Campaign 2020

As part of this year’s Christmas campaign, we are providing 20 kindergartens nominated by our staff with a set of the wonderful Pixi booklet “My Aunt is a Civil Engineer”. We hope that in this way we can make a small contribution to attracting as many people as possible to the profession of civil engineering. Who knows how many of the young readers will do their first internship with us in a few years!? In addition, our traditional Christmas donation this year goes to two different institutions, both of which make an important contribution to alleviating the plight of others: the association “Engineers without Borders” and the German Bone Marrow Donor Centre “DKMS”. The DKMS arranges stem cell donations to patients suffering from blood cancer, thereby giving them a new chance at life. Engineers without Borders. is an aid organisation that carries out engineering projects in development cooperation.

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