Werner Sobek about Heimat at aac

Planning “Heimat” in Times of Climate Change

This was the title of Prof. Werner Sobek’s lecture at the aac (Academy for Architectural Culture) in Hamburg at the beginning of February 2023. The lecture was the start of a workshop at the aac, in which students will be working on their own designs with a focus on CO² performance until 3.3.2023. Our colleague Alexandra Mrzigod is supervising this workshop in her capacity as an expert on grey emissions.

In his lecture, Werner Sobek once again pointed out how important the correct and comprehensible use of language is, especially in a scientific context. The great task of planners, Werner Sobek continued, is to be able to anticipate what the human needs of tomorrow will be. Global climate change is a decisive factor in planning “Heimat” of tomorrow. And the limits that this imposes on our actions.

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