Angelika Schmid 20th Company Anniversary

New Podcast with Angelika Schmid

Angelika Schmid is a guest on the new podcast episode “Zukunft Bauen”. The authorised signatory and team leader at Werner Sobek provides exciting insights into the engineering firm’s contribution to the major Stuttgart 21 project. Together with her team, she was responsible for the planning of the chalice-shaped supports, among other things.

These support the roof structure of the new underground station in the heart of the state capital. They are characterised not only by their slender and elegant shape, but also by their complex inner workings. Angelika Schmid explains the special features of the goblet supports, but also talks about what the project has to do with sustainability and what the current status is on the construction site.

You can now listen to the whole conversation on Spotify, Apple Podcast and SoundCloud.

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