Podcast Zero Emissions mit Stefanie Weidner

New episode in our podcast series “Zero Emissions”

New episode in our podcast series “Zero Emissions”

Our podcast series “Zero Emissions” looks at the emissions directly and indirectly associated with construction – and asks how they can be reduced as fast as possible. In the latest edition of our series, Dr Stefanie Weidner (Director Sustainability Strategies at Werner Sobek AG) is our guest. She talks about how the hidden CO2 emissions of our buildings can be calculated and how planners, builders and contractors should work together to achieve optimum savings.

Next Stop: Werner Sobek København

By the way, in January 2022 our colleague Stefanie Weidner will take over the management of our new location in Denmark: Werner Sobek København. Here she wants to implement the strategies described in the podcast with local partners as soon as possible. “Denmark and the other Scandinavian countries have a high awareness of the importance of integral sustainable planning. We are sure that our ideas will fall on particularly fertile ground here,” says Stefanie Weidner. Look forward to exciting insights on Apple Podcast SoundCloud and Spotify.

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