Melbourne Design Week: Biobank Webinar

On Friday, March 26 from 7:30 to 9:00, the Living Coral Biobank team invites you to a live conversation about “humanity-centered design” as part of Melbourne Design Week 2021. Prof. Thomas Winterstetter, CEO of Werner Sobek AG and project manager for this very special building project, will also be pre-sent. Behind the “Living Coral Biobank” is the world’s first special facility for the protection of corals. Its aim is to safeguard the future of corals, which is under serious threat due to climate change, and their biodi-versity in the long term. It is intended to preserve and care for over 800 species of stony corals. The bi-obank was designed by the Australian architectural firm Contreras Earl Architecture in collaboration with Werner Sobek. The new building typology – a “living ark” – will be a world leader in renewable energy through its innovative design and technology. It creates optimal conditions for corals while minimizing energy consumption and solar radiation. More information about the event and registration here:

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