Heinze Klimafestival 2022

Many good impulses at the Climate Festival for the Building Turnaround 2022

At the Heinze Klimafestival für die Bauwende in Düsseldorf, Werner Sobek was represented by three employees. Our board member Roland Bechmann and sustainability expert Stefanie Weidner gave presentations, strategy expert Laura Terzenbach organised a workshop.

The main topic of the well-attended event was how circular construction can significantly reduce the ecological impact of building in order to cope with climate change. In addition, there were numerous interesting presentations by other architects, planners, developers and manufacturers who, like Werner Sobek, are committed to sustainability.

The Heinze Architecture Award was also presented as part of the Climate Festival, where our sustainability expert Stefanie Weidner was a member of the jury.

Foto: Marcus Jacobs

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