International Women's Day 2023, educational sponsorship

International Women’s Day: 112 Years – and Still Much to Do!

Although International Women’s Day has been celebrated for more than a century, women still have worse educational opportunities than men in many countries. For the “Club of Rome“, however, the empowerment of women represents one of “five extraordinary turnarounds” on which the future of humanity depends.

What are we doing in this context? In addition to promoting young female leaders, there is of course our social commitment. Last year, for example, we took on educational sponsorships for three girls. Our sponsorships for Niva-Anahi from Bolivia, Jimena from Paraguay and Guidepba from Cameroon ensure that the girls receive a solid school education – and thus a chance for a better life than their parents.

International Women’s Day (also called International Women’s Day) is celebrated annually on 8 March. The day was initiated by socialist organisations in the struggle for equal rights, the right to vote for women and the emancipation of women workers. The first Women’s Day took place in March 1911.

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