In a Nutshell: We Asked our Frankfurt Colleague Emma Kanz about the “Attitute Building Collective e.V. (ABC)”…

Emma, what exactly is the ‘ABC’?

Emma: The Attitude Building Collective (ABC) is a collective of building professionals who are committed to the transformation of building. The visions and values that we have developed together can be found here.

Why do you volunteer there?

Emma: I became aware of the ABC through friends and was immediately impressed by the positive energy of the group. The dialogue with other engineers and architects is very exciting, I learn a lot here and feel like I’m contributing more to the building revolution than just through my day-to-day project work.

How can interested parties get involved?

Emma: The easiest way is to register on our Discord server first. This is our main communication channel through which we announce all meetings, communicate about the project and organisational work and exchange knowledge.

The organisation meeting takes place every second Monday of the month via Zoom. The link can also be found on the Discord server. At this meeting, ongoing projects are discussed, future events are planned, etc. The project work itself takes place in small groups of the respective project teams. For example, we are currently working on design tables for bridge construction and circular construction as well as on a university module for sustainability in structural design.

Here you will find an overview of our projects

Interested parties can register here

Thank you for the valuable information, dear Emma!

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