Heidelberg Castle Talks Autumn 2022

Heidelberger Schlossgespräche Autumn 2022

For the 20th edition of the high-profile series of talks on architecture, Bernd Müller invited our company founder and mastermind Werner Sobek this time.

He spoke in Heidelberg’s Königssaal about building in times of climate crisis. Werner Sobek presented his own successful projects as prime examples of recycling-friendly construction without climate-damaging emissions and with simultaneously high aesthetic standards.

In Heidelberg, Werner Sobek once again emphasised that the problem of the industrialised countries is not the scarcity of energy, but the economically strategic way in which energy sources are procured. Instead of intensively promoting alternative forms of energy, Germany, too, has relied on combustion processes for too long, despite the progressing climate change.

Because the building industry is responsible for almost half of the climate-damaging emissions, Werner Sobek is calling for a paradigm shift: the future of architecture lies in building for more people with less material and without emissions.

Photos: Thilo Ross, Heidelberg

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