Future Spaces for Living

Urbanization is proceeding rapidly worldwide. By 2050, two out of three people will live in cities. The urbanization process is “running at full speed”, particularly in the emerging and developing countries. At the same time, raw materials and resources are limited. In view of these prospects, urban planners and architects are facing major challenges. The question arises, how can we build for more people with less material in the future, especially in urban areas?  And what will these urban structures look like? Our colleague Dr.-Ing. Stefanie Weidner is investigating these questions, among others, in her dissertation entitled “Basic principles for the planning of resource-minimized urban structures“.

We congratulate Stefanie Weidner on the successful defense of her dissertation. For interested users the research paper is available online here (in German): https://elib.uni-stuttgart.de/bitstream/11682/10993/1/Ressourcenminimale_urbane_Strukturen_2020.pdf

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