Film about DigitalTWIN

The research project “DigitalTWIN – Digital Tools and Workflow Integration for Building Lifecycles” aims to achieve end-to-end digitization of the construction industry along the entire value chain. Together with renowned project partners from industry and research, Werner Sobek developed digital tools and technologies within the framework of this project in order to network and automate services, processes and workflows along the value chain of the building industry.

Prof. Lucio Blandini, board member and partner at Werner Sobek, explains in an interview the background to the interdisciplinary showcase project, the problems it addresses and how all parties benefit from it, from planning to production to coordination on the construction site. Eric Wolgast, BIM coordinator at Werner Sobek, then goes into more detail about Werner Sobek’s special role as an interface between the players involved from different sectors and areas of activity. Finally, BIM designer Artem Baturin presents the interface using the practical example of a lattice shell. Click here for the full film.

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