Farewell lecture by Werner Sobek

Farewell Lecture by Werner Sobek

After almost three decades of teaching and research at the University of Stuttgart, Prof. Werner Sobek will give his farewell lecture on 25 May 2023. Here he will present the fundamental objectives and results of his research over the past decades. The laudatory speech will be given by Christoph Ingenhoven.

On the following day, a scientific symposium will also be held in honour of Werner Sobek at the Institute for Lightweight Design and Construction (ILEK) at the University of Stuttgart.

In 1994, Werner Sobek took up his position as Frei Otto‘s successor and director of the Institute for Lightweight Structures and the Central Laboratory of Structural Engineering. In 2000, he took over a second chair as successor to Jörg Schlaich and founded the ILEK.

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