DBV Bernd Glückert

DBV Publications with the Participation of Werner Sobek

As a member of various DBV main committees (Deutscher Beton- und Bautechnik-Verein e.V. – German Concrete and Construction Technology Association), our colleague Bernd Glückert has already contributed to the preparation of numerous leaflets on the topic of “concrete”. Since 2017, he has supported the working group for the preparation of a status report on the topic of fresh concrete composite systems (FBVS).

Fresh concrete composite systems (FBVS) are an important part of structural waterproofing for which there has been no comprehensive set of rules until now. The DBV working group and a recently published leaflet on the subject close this gap. The working group brought together practical experience in the use of FBVS and current research results. The group consisted of manufacturers, construction companies, specialist planners, structural engineers and researchers.

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