CTBUH Berlin Event

Werner Sobek proudly presents another edition of the annual CTBUH Berlin Event. This year’s topic is “Urban Densification”. The trend towards even more urbanization is unbroken. Whereas for a long time it was only a question of simply increasing the usable space in the buildings themselves, in recent years the quality of the space between the buildings has increasingly come to the fore. But how do you open up as much space as possible for living and working while creating at the same time the high design, structural and environmental quality required by the Leipzig Charter?

The CTBUH event presents examples from very different areas – and invites all participants to discuss possible developments in our own cities. The event will be moderated by Boris Schade-Bünsow, editor-in-chief of Bauwelt. After the specialist lectures, he will lead the subsequent panel discussion and question and answer session with the audience.

Moderation: Boris Schade-Bünsow, Chefredakteur Bauwelt

Speakers: Tobias Berger (Werner Sobek Frankfurt), Martin Henn (HENN), Regine Leibinger (Barkow Leibinger), Boris Reyher (sbp), Nathalie de Vries (MVRDV), Andy Young (BIG)

Lectures are given in English and in German respectively. Please note that there is no simultaneous translation.

The event is free of charge, but timely registration is highly recommended: https://www.eventbrite.de/e/ctbuh-germany-berlin-event-tickets-62318148259

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