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Connecting the Skies

The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH), an international association on high-rise buildings, has issued an interesting new publication. The manual “Skybridges and the Future City” discusses the potential of skybridges (i.e. connecting bridges between the upper floors of two or more high-rise buildings) on the basis of selected case studies. One of these case studies is our project “Highlight Towers” in Munich. The twin buildings in the north of Munich are home to a hotel and numerous office spaces. A special highlight are the transparent connecting bridges between the buildings. These can be moved to other stories or be removed completely if required. They allow individual tenants to use floors at the same height in different parts of the building. Werner Sobek played an active role in the realisation of the handbook. The article about our project can be found on page 78. The guide itself can be ordered here: Guide

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